Being Part Of The Trust


Academies within the Trust must adhere to our vision and values and also commit themselves to the following:


Head Teacher becomes a key member of the Trust Executive Leadership Team ensuring vision and values remain at the heart of our activities and that Academies within the Trust continue to improve and drive standards ever upwards through genuine collaboration and mutual support.

Head Teachers commit to the harmonisation of certain policies and procedures relating to the cycle of improvement that exists within the Trust processes.

Taking an active role in the school improvement process. All of us within the Trust are school improvement partners and contributors. As such, Academies will commit their knowledge, skills, and expertise to maintain and improve capacity within their own setting, whilst supporting and working collaboratively with others within the Trust to improve.

Utilisation of Central Services. Including but not limited to, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, ICT Management, Facilities Management.

Being open to sharing of resources both human and material between Academies to support improvements and provision for children.

Maintaining effective committed local governing bodies that ensure each Academy operates within constitution as an independent setting within a wider Trust organisation.