Benefits Of Being Part Of The Trust

We recognise that each school serves a unique community and therefore has to be able to develop curriculum, provision and staffing to meet this need.

Each school, therefore benefits from working within a supportive self-improving Trust where each settings independence is recognised, encouraged and harnessed to provide the best outcomes for its children, staff and the schools within the trust

Benefits for our children

  • Being part of a constantly evolving educational provision with a focus of maximizing their potential.
  • Shared use of specialist and bespoke facilities and access to specialist staff.
  • Enhanced transition opportunities.
  • Increased out of classroom experiences and opportunities through shared use of facilities.
  • Personal leadership opportunities.
  • Wider and enhanced extra curriculum offer.
  • Clear pathways to placement in the next phase of education including transport provision.
  • Improved outcomes and opportunities for all.

Benefits for our staff

  • Career development opportunities.
  • Supportive employer committed to staff wellbeing.
  • Collaborative cross phase working and networking.
  • Resource sharing opportunities.
  • Be part of a genuine learning community committed to improving practice.
  • Collaboration to recognise strength and work together to constantly improve the provision across the Trust and strengthen leadership.
  • Being part of a Trust committed to developing staff through cross phase working, coaching, mentoring and developing leadership at all levels.
  • Improved outcomes and opportunities for all.

Benefits for our schools

  • Central Service delivery. The Trust will undertake functions of Human Resource Management, Financial management, Facilities management, ICT, Catering, clerking to governing bodies for each setting within the Trust.
  • Strategic financial management and future planning.
  • Facility letting and management developing each setting to be a true community school supporting all activities for the community outside of the school day.
  • Collaborative school improvement service.
  • Economies of scale. Through increased centralisation of services and collaboration around purchasing and commissioning of services, Academies can benefit financially.
  • Commonality of educational vision. We all want the very best provision for all our children.
  • Improved outcomes and opportunities for all.