Organisation Of The Trust




Are the overseers of the Trust and have ultimate legal responsibility for the statutory functions of the Trust. Currently there are 5 members.



Key strategic body of the Trust that ensure the Trust is working to the vision and values laid down and that each academy is placed within an environment where it can grow, develop and thrive as an independent educational setting committed to providing the very best education for the children in its care. This body is not representative of any setting within the Trust. They are appointed for their skill set. Currently there are 9 Directors.


Local Governing Bodies

Each setting within the Trust operates a Local Governing Body with delegated powers and responsibilities. This body provides the day to day support and challenge to the Academy leaders and is responsible for strategic development at a local level. The Local Governing Body monitors the effective management and performance of the respective academy. It advises the Directors of the Trust on achievements and areas for improvement. It holds the Principal/Head Teacher/leaders to account for performance and functions, and is the decision/active body for the respective Academy around strategy and direction, not daily actions of the Academy. It undertakes delegated authority for the Directors of the Trust. Each Governing body within the Trust is an independent body with full budget allocation.

David Liddle

David Liddle

Chair of Trust, Chair of Skerne Park Academy Local Governing Body

I am committed to supporting all academies within the Trust to provide the best education they can. As such, we as a Board of Directors will ensure that your school or academy will have all necessary support, guidance and challenge to be effective, progressive and become active and valued member of the Trust improvement offer.